What is Nipah virus Kerala in panic as doubts of Nipah virus

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Kerala scrambled to set up isolation wards and monitor potential cases after a student tested positive for the Nipah virus that killed 17 people in the state last year.

The student, whose age has not been made public, was hospitalized with high fever in Kochi 10 days ago, health minister K.K. Shylaja told reporters after a review meeting at Kalamassery Medical College, adding the government is awaiting final results of tests from a Pune-based virology institute.

The government has opened isolation wards at medical colleges in three districts where the patient’s movements have been traced — Ernakulam, Kozhikode, and Thrissur.

The public need not worry since there is no confirmation of Nipah yet, the minister said, adding however that the government is making all preparations for an outbreak.

The government has opened isolation wards at medical schools in 3 districts wherever the patient’s movements are copied — Ernakulam, Kozhikode, and Thrissur.

The public needn’t worry since there’s no confirmation of Nipah however, the minister same, adding but that the govt. is creating all preparations for a plague.

Some eighty-six those that came connected with the patient ar underneath police work at their homes, Shylaja same. the govt. has found out isolation wards with all facilities together with ventilators. The virus that spreads from human to human and features a rate of seventieth appeared within the state for the primary time in 2018. there’s no immunizing agent to forestall it.

The health minister same she had antecedently not spoken to the media regarding different cases with similar symptoms that were ab initio suspected to be those of Nipah however later clothed to be negative, giving a way that the state is bracing to tackle any health crisis.

The health department control associate degree emergency meeting in Kochi. The state has conjointly flown in consultants United Nations agency helped tackle last year’s irruption in Kozhikode and Malappuram districts, together with the face of that mission, former principal health secretary Rajeev Sadanandan.

“If anyone features a probability to contract it, we have a tendency to ar keeping systems in situ to right away isolate and treat them,” the minister same. “People needn’t be afraid. This youth has been having a fever for ten days. throughout an equivalent time, no serious cases of the same nature were rumored from anyplace else. it’s a relief. however if somebody is affected by chronic cough or inflammation, get to a hospital,” she another.


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