The Taylor Swift Story

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The Taylor Swift Story

Eight years ago the sector of songs was forever changed with the abrupt rise of Taylor Swift at the game. And one was Love Story. The single was released in Sept 12, 2008 also the world knew something was happening in Country music. This is the song of Taylor Swift I have been a fan ever since and heard. Taylor Swift if she was 17 years old, if her parents disapproved of a relationship wrote love Story. Heartbroken Taylor Swift place her sadness and this masterpiece was born. It came out as a single and Nathan Chapman produced the song and premiered under the record label Big Machine Records.

Inspiration Behind Love Story by Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift. I went through a situation like that. Then I’d been in a circumstance where it wasnt simple because I could relate to the Romeo and Juliet thing and I wrote this song. Excluding the ending. And if that had gone a little bit differently, it may have been the love story. And it’s among the very best love stories ever told, but its a tragedy. So it can make Perfect sense that Taylor Swift used this same circumstance to give life to her very best romantic song. Watch Taylor Swift in Love Story Music Video – Even after eight years of discharge the love for this song hasn’t died away.

Even in Taylor Swifts latest also most successful 1989 World Tour, she performed a Pop version of Love Story to a nostalgia crowd. Watch the clip below. Love Story won Country Song of The Year by Broadcast Music Incorporated in the year 2009. The songs video for Love Story won Video of this Year and Female Video of this Year in 2009 Country Music Television awards. Love Story Lyrics Review, Meaning, Analysis also Interpretation – Taylor Swift imposes a very first person narrative style to communicate the message from the song. The lyrics are quite simple also straightforward. We were both young when I very first saw you – I close my eyes and the flashback starts: Im standing there on a balcony in summertime Air – Taylor Swift is beginning a flashback to a time when she was madly in love with her Romeo.

See this lights, see this party, this ball gowns. See you make your path throughout the audience – And say, Hello. Little did I know. Taylor Swift plays a daughter of a family of nobility, plus they’re having a ball dance in the evening.

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