How to Submit Online Jobs Complaint to Cyber Cell Police

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I wont to receive emails from many of us asking American state that they’re duped from several on-line jobs sites unable to require any action against the web site.

What they’ll waste such a situation?

So if you have got purchased any CD or membership from a piece from home website}s and also the site comes intent on be a pretend site then you’ll be able to scan this text to submit a grievance to crime police.

Although, you’ll be able to use this data to submit any sort of crime grievance however here my main focus is on the work from home and on-line jobs websites.

Submit a web Job Fraud grievance to Cyber Cell police
There square measure range of stuff you have to be compelled to note before you send your complaints. simply check here a number of the points

Before you submit your grievance to cyber cell police, you need to ensure that web site|the web site} you have got paid to could be a pretend website.
Most of the Indian sites United Nations agency demand cash for registration for work from home job square measure pretend. therefore if you paid to associate degree Indian web site, there square measure nice possibilities that web site is pretending.
A genuine web site displays the name of-of the web site owner United Nations agency is commercialism the work from home package. Otherwise, you’ll be able to apprehend the name of the owner on the contact North American nation page. If you can’t the name of-of the location owner on the web site, then its pretend.
Don’t trust on contact numbers, workplace address or license number on the web site as a result of any pretend company will get a telephone number, rent associate degree workplace or perhaps get a license number.
If the web site offers the work of online surveys, get paid to click ads or scan ads, kind filling, etc. then its a pretend web site.
Check Google for his or her complaints of the location from alternative customers.
So you’re during a higher position to submit the complaints if any of them on top of purpose is applicable. So however to submit the complaint?
You can send the grievance either through email or a letter. you’ll be able to check the table provided below to search out the contact details of cyber cell police in numerous cities.

One vital purpose here is you wish to send the grievance to the cyber cell police wherever the workplace of the location is found in.

If you’re from city and duped from a city company then send your grievance to cyber police of city and not in city.

There square measure two reasons for this-

Different cyber cell dept can receive individual complaints and if there don’t seem to be several complaints in a private cyber cell department of local government, it’s going to get unheeded. If all folks send to the police within the same town wherever the web site is working from then they’ll receive a sensible range of complaints & the police will certainly act on this.
Because the workplace of the web site is within the same town, it’ll be simple for cyber police to require action.
So what to jot down within the complaint?

Here square measure a number of the items, you wish to jot down in your grievance email or letter.

In the subject line you’ll be able to write like

“Website Name” Fraud grievance Example- fraud grievance
OR “Website Name” Cheated American state Example- Cheated American state
Or I used to be duped by web site etc
Then write following things in your email-

What did you purchase?
Date and quantity of purchase.
Website name, name and also the contact details of the corporate
What job was secure and the way you were duped
Search Google for the complaints and send the links wherever folks square measure fretful regarding the web site.
And the other factor, you wish to feature.
And send it to to the e-mail or address is given within the table. If the address of the corporate is in the city then send the complaint to Cyber cell police of the city and if its Delhi, then Cyber cell police of Delhi, etc.

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