How to insure a car? How to Bike Insurance

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Hello, friends Welcome to talent luxury. Today we will tell you that Gadi Ka Insurance Kaise Kare if you also want to know about its Bike Insurance Kaise Kare then you are reading the right post. We will give this information to you through this post.

You will also learn this through this post. And we will explain this in a very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. And likewise,

you continue to like all the posts coming to our blog. Did you buy a new Bike or some other car? So you must know what car insurance is like. Whenever we buy a new car, we should get insurance for it. Whereby the insurance company helps us when the vehicle is accidental or stolen.


If our car gets stolen or becomes an accident. So we have to face many problems. So it is equally important to ensure the car, as much as it is to ensure your vehicle for its own sake. So that you do not have to face any kind of problem. So let’s know now Gadi Ka Insurance Kaise Check Kare If you also want to ensure your car. So read this post from start to finish. In which you will also learn that First Party Insurance Kya Hota Hai, then read the information given below.


Bike Ka Insurance Kaise Kare
You can ensure your bike with the help of Digital Service Portal. For which you follow these steps:

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Go to the website
First, go to the Digital Service Portal and login.

Click Insurance Option
And now click on Insurance Option.

Motor Third Party
Then click on the option of Motor Third Party.

Select Company
After clicking on the list of the best motor insurance companies you will be exposed. Select Company for your Bike Insurance.

Login With Digital Service Connect
You will now have a new page open in front of you. Click on Login with Digital Service Connect’s option in it.

Motor Third Party / TP Policy Option
After that, there will be another page open. Click on the Motor Third Party / Tp Policy option in it. You will now have a Bike Insurance Form. Fill it properly.

Enter Vehicle Number
First, write your car’s number in the Registration Box.

Vehicle Details
As you write the number of the car, you will get all the information related to your vehicle. And at the same time, you will see that there will be so many bucks for insurance.

Proceed For Payment
Now click on Last Proceed For Payment. Click on Pay to pay and

Enter CSC ID Password
After this, there will be another new page open. Enter the password of your CSC ID. And click on the Validate Option.

Insurance Payment
You will now have the option to make an online payment in front of you. From which you can pay by Violet of your choice.

After paying, your bike will be insured. And on the Screen, Insurance Policy Number Show. Which you can save. And remove the print.

Car Insurance
We are telling you some website to Car Insurance. With the help of which you can ensure your car.

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Icici Lombard Car Insurance
Hdfc Ergo 2 Wheeler Insurance
Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance
Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance
Bharti Axa 2 Wheeler Insurance
You can ensure your car from these websites. Let’s tell you how you can ensure Car with the help of these websites. Follow the steps below for this.

Go to the website
First of all, go to one of these websites.

Select Option
You will see some options on there. Such options will appear such as Renew Existing and Buy New Policy. Or maybe something different. After this, you have to renew the policy or buy a new policy. You choose this

Enter Details
After that enter your card details.

Select Duration
Select the time you want to ensure for that year.

Online Payment
Now after doing all the information well, once the online payment is done. After this, you will get the insurance policy. You can keep it print by yourself.

Third party insurance why not
If your vehicle accidentally gets another accident in another vehicle. Or the car breaks down and the person gets an accident. He is hurt. Then the insurance company gives its money. And if your accident happens when the company does not give its money. Therefore it is very important to get Third Party Insurance.

1st Party Insurance
Now let’s tell you First Party Insurance if there is any kind of accident in this kind of insurance. So the insurance company compensates for all kinds of losses.

As the vehicle or driver and people sitting in the car and the vehicle from which the accident occurred, also the insurance company compensates all types of compensation.

Through today’s post you have known that Gadi Ka Insurance Kaise Kare and through this post, we also told you about First Party Insurance In Hindi. Hope you’ve got complete information about this post.

Bike Insurance Kaise Kare you go to this post. Hopefully, you can also now ensure your bike by getting its information through our post. And tell me how you got this information from us.

Third Party Insurance Definition In Hindi It’s also known to you today. Give this information about this post to your friends too. And also share this post on Social Media. So that more people can access this information.

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