How To Earn Money From YouTube – Step By Step Guide

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Before I show you ways to earn cash from YouTube, here’s area unit some attention-grabbing bits of small beer concerning YouTube, the world’s most well-liked video-sharing on-line web site.


At a median, over three hundred hours of video area unit uploaded onto YouTube, – each minute
YouTube has over a billion users those users watch a billion hours of video.
YouTube was graded because of the 2d most well-liked web site by Alexa net.
6 out of ten folks like YouTube online video platforms to measure TV.
YouTube is additionally the world’s 2d largest computer program (after Google) and also the third most visited web site on the net.
Amazing isn’t it! It’s conjointly one amongst the various reasons whereas this Google-owned online video platform is such a darling of advertisers ever since they started acceptive ads from 2007.

What you maybe didn’t realize is these facts conjointly create YouTube one amongst the simplest platforms for you to create cash online

How to Earn cash from YouTube
So here area unit the precise steps you would like to create cash from YouTube-

Start Your YouTube Channel
Create Videos
Upload Videos
Apply for YouTube Partnership
Promote your video
Make cash from Your Videos

  1. begin your YouTube channel
    It’s not rocket science very. All you would like to try and do is…

Go to YouTube and signup along with your Gmail account.
Once done, click on the bar within the left corner beside the YouTube emblem.
So far thus sensible, currently gently click on My Channels (from the drop-down menu).
You will see a box seem along with your name highlighted and also the heading – found out your channel on YouTube. Select it.
And currently for the last step. simply update your channel along with your relevant personal information – and VOILA! you’re sensitive to go…

  1. produce Videos
    For a beginner, the simplest (and cheapest) thanks to producing a video would be via your smartphone or your laptop digital camera. To be fair, it’s a wonderful choice for freshers within the initial days once you’re still finding your approach around, not earning any cash from YouTube (videos) and have restricted provide of money.

However, can|there’ll} come back time once you will invest in an exceedingly sensible digital camera and once your channel starts creating some cash – rent knowledgeable Videographer.

Other than a camera you would like following things to create your videos-

Good mike
Screen Recorder
Video and Audio wrote material Tools
Tips to make partaking And infective agent Videos!

So are you able to guarantee that the video you transfer can go viral? Well, you can’t – since there’s no winning formula to use here.

But what you’ll do is follow a number of these “Tips to make an infective agent YouTube Videos” to administer yourself an honest chance!

Tip no 1: Don’t interact In Mindless Promotions
Focusing an excessive amount of on options, valuation and advantages of a product or service may be a strict no-no. making whole awareness ought to be your initial priority and not jumping to the sale directly.

Tip no 2: try and Tell a Story
Ever considered why the foremost fashionable ads on the idiot box continually try and we have a tendency to have a story round the product? That’s owing to our sensory cortex – that is alleged to illumine whenever we hear a story. It conjointly helps folks to relate to your whole and keep them coming for additional.

Tip no 3: Evoke some Emotions
Happy, sad, motivated or surprised – emotions have the facility to stay folks engaged all the approach through. If you’ll manage to try and do this, they’re going to be hooked and find additional folks to observe it too.

Tip no 4: Do the sudden
The whole purpose of an infective agent video is to urge folks talking concerning it, thus don’t hesitate to maneuver out of your comfort zones from time to time. Feedback won’t continually be positive however as long as you’re obtaining a lot of it – you’re doing it right.

  1. transfer videos in your YouTube channel
    It’s quite easy, really. simply go online to YouTube and click on the transfer (arrow) button on the higher right-hand corner of the page which is able to take you on to the transfer page.

Do keep in mind to line the privacy level before uploading your video on YouTube. you’ll select from:

Public – Anyone will see your video.
Unlisted – solely folks that have a link to your video are going to be ready to read it.
Private – It is seen by you and also the users you decide on to observe the video.
Scheduled – It will solely be viewed at the precise date and time set by you.
Once you’ve got chosen your level of privacy, click on the arrow button once more to pick the video you would like to transfer.

Alternately you’ll simply drag and drop the file directly. you’ll track the video being uploaded to the standing bar provided.

Post the transfer the video needs to the method – which might even be viewed within the standing bar.

Useful Tip: HD videos (1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720) convey a really skilled message to viewers and area unit therefore best suited to transfer on YouTube.

Tips to write down Title, Tags and Descriptions
Your TITLE is out and away the largest CHERRY ON THE CAKE! – that during this case is your video.

Its title needs to be catchy and relevant to what potential viewers may be looking for. It conjointly matters makes a vast distinction in terms of your ranking on the search results page.

Vague and convoluted titles seldom get any traction and consequently defeat their terribly purpose.

Tags and Descriptions also are a vital ally of your videos. The inclusion of keywords and a relevant description will facilitate guarantee your video is graded heaps higher on Google’s search results.

Once done you’ll currently direct to the channel’s dedicated page to access the settings, audio, annotations, closed captions, and enhancements.

It conjointly permits you to look at the video analytics or access the channel video manager. With its own distinctive address, your video is currently prepared for viewers UN agency area unit liberal to LIKE, COMMENT and/or SHARE it with others.

  1. Apply for YouTube Partnership Program
    The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) allows video creators to earn cash from their content announce on the channel.

This is sometimes via advertisements seen on their content and from YouTube premium subscribers UN agency watch their videos.

You can apply to hitch the YouTube Partner program directly from your individual account within the creator studio. On Jan sixteen, 2018, Google proclaimed new eligibility needs for its YouTube Partner Program.

Once a channel reaches four,000 watch hours within the preceding twelve months and includes a minimum of one,000 subscribers it’s reviewed to hitch the program.

How to Apply:
There area unit two doable situations for this.

The first involves channels that have already been in YPP, within which case the channel can mechanically be reassessed once it qualifies beneath the new terms.
Channels homeowners even have the choice of checking their proof standing at Creator Studio/Channel/Monetization.
Those whose channel is nonetheless to realize entry into YPP ought to perceive the four steps mentioned in their Creator Studio account. Once the channel meets the qualifying criteria, it’ll be reviewed to hitch.

  1. Promote your YouTube videos
    So far thus sensible. currently there is that the slightly tough half. ensuring your video has what it takes to draw in viewers isn’t “child’s play”. It wants a personalized promotional strategy and heaps of exertions.

To begin with, you initially ought to confirm that your video is totally optimized in terms of updated SEO parameters.

Ensure the use of adequate keywords at intervals your meta-description and address before uploading the video to your landing page.

Once done, you’re currently able to share it on your social media platforms to woo AN audience.

You can conjointly use tools like hashtags, procured pre-roll ads (available on YouTube) and post at the foremost opportune time to maximize the reach.

You can conjointly leverage the reach afforded by social media influencers, forums and bloggers to garner additional traction and gain a wider audience.

Top YouTubers From India
YouTube high status may be a relatively new trend in India. Chefs, doctors, musicians, and comedians – you may realize all on YouTube. and that they all have 2 things in common.

They area unit all Indians and are a vast hit with the millennian generation.

According to Statistica, with AN calculable 460mn net Users, India is already the second largest online market behind China.

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