Best Prams for Babies in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Best Prams for Babies in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Full of curiosity, babies love to go out and discover the world. They need to be refreshed in open air for their physical and mental development. A baby stroller (we call them pram in India) is the most comfortable and easy way to carry your baby when you go out. Numerous brands are into providing baby strollers with more or less the same features. It is no surprise that you can get overwhelmed at the choices available in the market nowadays.

To make your life easy, this article is reviewing 10 Best Baby Strollers to choose from. The list is based on the reviews and opinions of new moms about the strollers. These strollers are attractive, comfortable and easy to handle; designed perfectly to give your little one the same cozy feeling that he gets in your arms. With easy maneuvering and beneficial features, strollers and prams have become an inevitable part in any parenthood.

Though it is human nature to buy things that look great, in the case of the stroller, you need to analyze a lot more than look and trendiness. Most importantly, you need to ensure your baby is safe and comfortable while riding it.

The one thing which any brand of stroller can’t compromise on, is its safety, build quality and comfort. The brakes should work fine and it should perfectly carry your child’s weight all day long. Moreover, it should have a minimum three harness straps that comfortably grip your baby while she is resting in the stroller.

Fix the straps properly around your baby’s leg, shoulder, and waist and you are ready for a long walk. Fitted with many useful features, these colorful strollers are sure to catch your baby’s attention and let you relax while your tiny tot is having a good time sitting in one. A good pram or stroller is an absolute lifesaver and helps you juggle multiple tasks while keeping a close watch on your baby at home or outside.

Types of Strollers(Prams)

1) Standard Strollers

Standard Strollers are bigger and more durable, specially designed for newborns as well as toddlers up to 3 years. Weighing more than 7 kg, some models are bulkier than other and sometimes harder to maneuver. Equipped with a padded seat such stroller usually reclines to three positions including flat laying seat and thus suitable for newborns who can’t sit up or hold up their head. These strollers offer storage space beneath the seat to carry essentials while strolling.

Also, they have a stretchable canopy to protect your child from sun and wind. Some of the Best Baby Strollers comes with the reversible seat to let your kid face you while strolling. Some model allows you to switch between forward and back-facing as you like.

These newborn strollers are designed with good suspension in the wheels to absorb shock and prevent any accidental injuries to your little one. For safety, these standard strollers provide 3-point or 5-point harness to grip your baby to the stroller.

2) Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella Strollers are lightweight and very easy to maneuver even in busy markets. Most models don’t recline fully and hence not suitable for babies up to 6 months of age. They are portable and convenient to pack in a car boot. Weighing only 5-6 kg, Umbrella Strollers are easy to push, fold and carry.

The less weight is due to the fact they are mostly basic and you may not get all the bells and whistles, the newborn strollers provide. The seat is less padded and some have car seat adapters to let you use them in car seats. These strollers are typically for toddlers of 6 months and above who love to sit up more rather than napping.

Jogging Strollers: Designed with heavyweight wheels (two in the back and one up front) and a lightweight frame, Jogging Strollers are great for fitness freak parents who love to jog while spending quality time with their little ones. They provide a smooth ride and have adequate storage space that let you run errands in the neighborhood grocery store while returning back home. T

hey are equipped with an adjustable seat that can be reclined as per the baby’s need. Most models are compatible with car seats. Like newborn stroller, they are bulky, and sometimes difficult to move through jam-packed streets and narrow lanes with lots of turns. These strollers are recommended only for avid joggers or walkers. It perfectly suits their lifestyle.

3) Car Seat Carriers

They are designed with the basic frame to hold your baby’s car seat. They’re pretty reasonable in price and easy to use and carry. It let you shift your sleeping baby to and fro car seat and stroller. As most models of strollers with Car Seat Carriers work only with infant car seats, your baby will outgrow this stroller and you may need another stroller for your kid.

4) Double Strollers

Such strollers are beneficial for carrying twins. Some models of Double Strollers comes with one seat in front of another one, but they lack leg room for the back sitter, while others act as side-by-side stroller which is quite harder to control in crowded malls, busy markets, and narrow elevators.

Factors to Look for When Buying the Best Prams for Babies

1) Reclining Position

Babies need adequate spaces to stretch their legs and nap, now and then. It helps maintain proper blood circulation and health. Sitting in a cramped position for a long time can be detrimental to their growth. And most importantly if you want to buy a stroller for your newborn, it will be better if she can lie flat in it. make sure that the stroller reclines in 3 position – sit up, lying down flat, and in-between.

Since newborns sleep most of the time and can’t sit up or hold up their heads, it is of no use to buy a stroller that doesn’t recline at 180 degrees. Flat surface protects and supports their back more than any other position. Sit-up positions are useful when your baby becomes more than 6 months and love to watch surroundings.

2) Want To Use The Stroller Seat As Car Seat?

Some strollers seat can be used as a Car Seat Carrier. In most cases, the car seat will fit properly into the stroller without any separate adapters. These features come handy when you need to take your sleeping baby out of the car and lay her in the stroller. However, since car seat can’t be reclined, you are not recommended to place your baby in the upright seat of the stroller until they are able to hold their head up and sit.

Not Much Into Driving?

If you don’t drive much, instead of the stroller with detachable car seat, get one with a bassinet attachment with no adaptors. Such strollers come with three reclining positions so that your baby can sit up, sleep or stay in-between while taking her daily stroll.

3) Comfort

When your baby grows little bigger, he will love to sit more and explore surroundings. The stroller seat should be comfortably cushioned and spacious enough to let the baby stretch his hands and legs. When your baby is 0-6 months old your main concern is to keep baby supported and comfortable.

Look for a sturdy, well-built stroller with a good suspension system in the wheels that can absorb the impact of rugged and bumpy road and provide a cozy and warm feel in the stroller. Here you have to look for an adjustable seat that fully reclines so that your newborn can lie flat on his back. Check for the terrain features if you are intending to take the pram off-road to ensure your a baby a smooth ride on the rough or bumpy road.

4) Safety

First and foremost ensure the frame is locked perfectly when it is opened so that it doesn’t accidentally collapse while carrying your child. Examine thoroughly if it can easily carry the weight of 20 kg or a well-built 3 years old baby all day long.

Then carefully run your hand in the car seat to ensure it is free from any sharp edges. The stroller seat must be surrounded by soft cushioning to lessen the impact of an accidental collision. The wheels of Best Baby Strollers should support a good amount of suspension to absorb the occasional shock in the city roads. It should have all the right safety features for a risk-free ride.

5) Harness

Most of the brands follow 3-point or 5-point harness. The straps wrap around the waist, between the legs, and comes down over the shoulders to grip your child safe while you’re strolling. The buckle should be easy to unhook but secure the child firmly in the stroller. Too loose or too tight straps are not good to have.

6) Maneuverability

You should be able to use the stroller in any direction with ease and comfort. The wheels must swivel perfectly in the front and rear and can take a swift turn even within a small radius. Moreover, look for things like if the brakes and folding of wheels are easy to operate.

7) Reversible Seat

Want to see your baby’s smiling face while strolling? then go for a stroller that allows you to reverse the seat to make your baby face you while strolling and have some quality time with your little one. You can also make them forward facing when needed. Make sure the recline mechanism is easy and smooth, preferably single-handed.

8) Canopy

An adjustable shade is a must to shield your baby from sun, rain, dust, and wind for a comfortable and safe ride. Some stroller comes with canopies that provide UV protection.

9) Brakes

Brakes are a must. Ensure they are properly functional and easy to operate wearing any type of footwear. The wheel shouldn’t move after you put the stroller on the brake. Moreover, there are models that can lock both the rear wheels on a single break. They are more user-friendly as you don’t need to lock wheels individually. Also, some strollers come with a second break option in the handlebar.

10) Storage Space

How much storage space you need is a matter of preference and lifestyle. Do you need to carry diapers or little bit toys with you while strolling? or do you make some quick grocery shopping on the go while playing peek-a-boo with your tiny tot in the stroller?

if yes, then go for a stroller with large storage space. Many models come with a big basket at the wheels and few pockets here and there, great for keeping baby knick knacks like a teether, diapers, milk bottle, water bottle etc. handy.

11) Adjustable Handlebar

Most strollers are built for the average-height moms so test a few strollers to check that pushing isn’t annoying or uncomfortable. If you are taller than average height then low handles will make you stoop which won’t be fun to walk with.

Look for handles that fit your height or can adjust to your height for easy strolling. It is better to go for adjustable handles so that both the parents can push it without anybody stooping.

12) Easy to Fold and Open

Check it thoroughly how easily you can fold down, store and maneuver both at home and in the car. If you have to struggle to fold, it won’t be an easy affair to use the stroller frequently. Or if the stroller doesn’t lock in it’s folded position, but instead springs back open at the slightest movement, that’s not good either.

And sometimes it can be difficult to remember which buttons, latches, and bars to use to fold some models. Test before you buy, and choose one that’s easy to hold and use.

14) Weight

Make sure the stroller isn’t too heavy and big for you to push and lift. umbrella strollers are lighter (4-5 kg) than newborn strollers but they are designed for grown-ups to say above 2 years who sit up more and like to be active most of the time. The typical weight for a newborn stroller is around 6-7 kg.

Though there are some bulky models that are nearly 18 kg. Such strollers are inconvenient to carry and pack in the car boot. Moreover, the huge build deters you to use these strollers everywhere.

They have massive wheels which don’t let it pass easily through narrow aisles or a crowded street. Some of you feel that lightweight strollers may be made of poor quality but that is not true in all cases. Choose stroller according to your lifestyle, neighborhood, apartment-lift, market, as it should easily glide through all such places.

15) Durability

Strollers need to be durable and sturdy so that your baby can use it for 2-3 years. Also, they should come with at least 1-year warranty.
Washable Fabric: The fabric in the seat must be removable and washable as your baby is going to make it messy almost every day.

16) Set a Budget

Typically, strollers price starts from 3K and goes up to 15-17K, though some luxurious brands offer 40K stroller. Don’t go for high-range strollers believing that low ranges are unsafe or uncomfortable for your little one. Models with a decent price can be sturdy and cozy.

Moreover, all the expensive models don’t offer value for money. So, before choosing a pram or stroller, it is important to set a budget considering all the above-mentioned points to make the best choice.

17) Other Useful Features

It’s nice to have a meal tray on the front of the stroller. If it is removable, then he can climb in by himself and also it keeps him safe while strolling. The snack tray with cup holders is very handy to hold bottles and other food items. Also, check if the stroller offers a mosquito net. Most models come with one.

In short, a perfect pram:

  • Is easy to maneuver on and off road
  • Provide a smooth and comfortable ride to your baby
  • Can be reclined flat for newborns or sit-up for toddlers.
  • Is lightweight and safe.
  • Is easy to run with
  • Is easy to fold and open.
  • Has a reversible seat so that it can face parents whenever strolling in the busy road to avoid mishappening.
  • Offers good suspension system to absorb shock or any kind of road impact.
  • Comes with padded straps and cozy footmuff for comfortable security of your baby.

Now having familiar with types of strollers and factors to look for before buying, let know the Best Baby Strollers in India.

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